Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thursday Finds

Here are my up to date favourite songs, new or old they still put a smile on my face and help me through the painful revision. So I hope you like them too...

1. No Waves
With a really quirky intro to their song, I love FIDLAR and how different they are to some other bands out there. Give them a whirl.. Available on Itunes here!!

2. Cassius
My favourite foals song, off of the Antidotes album. Definitely worth listening to and their new album recently released called Holy Fire. Enjoy an oldie!

3. Two Fingers
From the currently very popular Jake Bugg I present Two Fingers. A brilliant song if I do say so. 

4. Always Like This
An old favourite of mine and it still makes me 'Euphoric' now listening to it, bombay bicycle club have a unique sound that relaxes me during revision... 

5. Aint No Reason
Stumbling across this tune thanks to the spotify radio app, I really enjoyed it and added it to my playlist. Now you can enjoy too. 

6. Welcome To Japan
Off of the Strokes new album this is my favourite tune. More relaxed than some of their other songs, I'd recommend it for chilling. Unfortunately not having a official music video yet, hopefully one will be released soon.. Hint? 

7. Don't Forget Who You Are
New from Miles Kane, don't forget who you are is my favourite song of his so far. So don't forget to pre-order his new album expected to be released in June 2013!

8. No Church In The wild
I heard this from The Great Gatsby advert and fell in love with it. Not normally a fan of Kanye West I surprised myself when I found out who this song was by.

9. Sex
Only recently discovering The 1975 I love this song along with another called 'Chocolate' so if you enjoy this, give the other a listen. 

10.  High Hopes
Such a brilliant song and also I love the music video for this one, although last it most definitely isn't least.

I hope you liked my thursday finds!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: What's your favourite song at the second?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Leavers day 2013

The past few days have been emotional roller-coaster and this is due to leaving school (apart from the horrific exams coming up in the next few weeks) So I thought I should make a post of the past few days.


Thursday was the infamous shirt signing day and instead of regular lessons, we had class parties. We all said our goodbyes to our favourite teachers and friends from over the past five years. It was rather sad to wish each other good luck because we're all going our own way for the sixth form. However on the plus side I now have a fully graffiti'd shirt that I'll be treasuring forever. Here are a few cheeky snap shots that sum up the day. (Why did I wear sunglasses inside all day I do not know)

That evening my friends and I went to the school organised 'goodbye party' at a bar. Basically dancing all night long (aka 11pm when it finished.) This was more upbeat and not quite as sad as the day at school. 
As the dress code was Smart/Casual I wore a lace mint green dress from H&m, which is available Here. I would really recommend it as it looks great and is really easy to move in, plus a bargain for just under £20. 


Friday was red carpet ceremony! This was the really special day that everyone had been talking about for ages and there was a reason behind it. Everyone made a real effort and looked stunning (or handsome I suppose.) 
I  personally wore a white floor length dress from Zara available Here. It was such a lovely dress to wear and was perfect for the weather too. After everyone walked down the carpet we had a lovely assembly hosted by the year and the teachers.
 It was really sad to leave but at the same time I felt proud. Here are the photos of the red carpet ceremony, courtesy of The Imperial Art Gallery.

After we left, my group of friends went down to the beach and got lunch in the Albion Hotel. This was really nice and relaxed, just being a lovely afternoon. In the evening after changing out of our gowns we went down to the beach and had our gathering as a year which was our final goodbyes. This was really sweet and I'm going to miss our year as we go our own separate ways. 

I'm really going to miss our year group and now am dreading my GCSE exams, but it's best to get it over and done with. Thank you to everyone that made the 5 years special! 

Marmie Bell xx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

This months top non food purchases

This month a large amount of my money has been spent on food and dinners out, so these are the things that i bought that I didn't eat! 

I am leaving school next month and leavers day is creeping near! So last weekend I decided that it was time to get my whole outfit sorted! I went up to Canterbury with my mum to find my dress and stop off for a little cafe rouge along the way, yum! These are my almighty shoes and i'm in love with them. Being a mint coloured espadrille wedge lets just hope I can walk in them! They match perfectly with my dress that i've gotten but nothing else is going to be revealed till the day! Look out for photos in the next few weeks... Also available on the Deichmann website, so click HERE for these bargain wedges.

I normally stick to the same body spray but I thought to mix it up a little now springs here because my regular Impulse tease was starting to bore me. Being a really fruity nice sweet smelling body fragrance. I swear I'm probably the only one that goes into great thought about which everyday body spray to use...Anyway available pretty much anywhere (like local drugstore or supermarket) or HERE if you're in dire need to get it this second.

Over the month I've obtained various beads and i'm in love with them! I personally put them a few at a time in my hair (photos can be found on My Instagram.) Mainly coming from my local haberdashery, you can buy the skull beads HERE off etsy, so anyone can make jewelry with them or use them however they wish!

My last but most definitely not least Item this month are... my multicoloured stained glass earrings! These were given to me as a gift and I'm totally in love with them. Changing colour depending on the light, they're elegant and can make any outfit look fancier. Similar ones available off etsy HERE, or a necklace version instead HERE.

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: What were your top purchases this month?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Cheese on Toast. Nom.

Today I'm here to help you on a really serious matter. Cheese on toast! I am a total freak when it comes down to cheese on toast, so I think it's time that you become one too. Here are three twists to the classic cheese on toasts, that you'd be mad not to try... 

My top 3 'Adventurous' Cheese Toasts:

1.) Classically Red:
This is your average Cheese toasty but instead of a normal Cheddar use a red cheese instead, then finely chop up tomatoes and sprinkle. The mouth watering blend of melted cheese with crisp toast and oozing with flavour and toasted flavoursome tomato...Now I'm hungry.

2.) Cranberry Craver:
 If you like Cranberries this is a must munch! I find that my fridge is always left with wild cheeses, at the second, to my delight Cranberry Stilton. To make the perfect 'Cranberry Craver' I recommend adding onto a buttered slice of toast a mix of Cheddar and Cranberry Stilton. For bursting flavors of Cranberry add Cranberry sauce (The stuff you have with Turkey) to the base of your toast (you can use this instead of butter.) LUSH!
To go the extra mile why not try putting in some cooked bacon? Nom...

3.) Tomato and balsamic vinegar Toasty:
Opposed to the regular tomato and cheese toasty, add on some balsamic vinegar to make an italian feast for a snack. It gives a rich taste that blends with the melted cheese that's perfect for any foodie. To make it look that little bit more appetizing, sprinkle some spicy rocket that gives it a delicious kick at the end. Go on, try it? 

I hope this has made you hungry because it has most definitely made me! 

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: What's your favourite cheese toasty? 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

So long that springs blossomed!

It's been almost a month since i've posted, however in my defence i have been incredibly busy with photoshoots, meeting up with friends and the much loved EASTER! But now spring has neared so i think it's time to make a cheeky post on sunglasses!
Even if it's not hot quite yet, the sun is still there and it's been shining away for the past few days. So i recommend if not done so already, invest in those sunglasses! To give you a helping a hand i've selected my favourites all available to be bought online. Perfect!

Cassie Sunglasses:

Cassie Ainsworth is a character in the brilliant tv show Skins, with her returning to UK tv for the seventh Series. So why not get hot on her style now with sunglasses she wore in the first series. Vintage!

Where to find these Cassie look alikes... Click HERE!

Why not make an investment of it?:

Ray-Bans have always been brilliant and well known, so why not buy one of their stylish new releases? These Wayfarer design sunglasses not only look lush but also have the summer vibe to them. So why not rock out with these floral surfers shades? Go on... Clickety Click Here to invest! 

Go 90's? 

These 90's sunglasses are bang on trend at the moment and being so simple you needn't worry about if they match with your clothes or not! Having a slim sassy frame they'll be great to go all summer and only £16 to, Bargainnn. Buy these before the sunshine goes Here

Give Tortoise shell a whirl? 

Always being a classic pattern but with this style it might give it a new fresh look? Being one of my favourite pairs i've seen so far, Next have impressed me once again. Not only because of the style but because of the price too! I'd say these are the summer musts! Buy them Here!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: What're your favourite sunnies like? 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Decorative Peplum Matter

Todays Item of choice is the almighty Peplum top. Creating a brilliant figure and being spot on trend for this season. However as I've got a heap load of homework I've decided to keep it down to the tip top Three. 

Bright And Cheery: 

Although outside my window at the moment the weathers not bright and cheery I thought, why not start with the spring blaster? Great for a casual day out or possibly paired with a pencil skirt for a more formal day?Also this beautiful top is a bargain too being only £12... I'd advise you to grab one soon, before they're all gone! Link for the glorious top 

Girly Spotted:

This little number is lovely. Being very simple yet eye catching, it has got to be my favourite of the three. On sale currently for only £18, I'd say buy buy buy it now! Here's a link to the gem!

Owl Peplum Perhaps?: 

I've never myself been a huge fan of the cute owls on clothes trend, however when I saw this one I thought a little different. Being very basic in good old monochrome, this top is a bargain for just under £10. Heres the place to clickety click 

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: Could you pull off the peplum top? 

Monday, 11 March 2013


For this week, I've decided I'm going to focus on a few trending pieces that should feature in any and every wardrobe. Starting the week on a professional level, Blazers.. 

Sale and simple: 
Off Asos I bring you the traditional simple black blazer that can add 'professional' to an outfit or even hint at a night on the town. Also in the sale right now, quick buy it here

Daring: I believe that a statement sometimes has to be made, with this blazer you'll definitely be doing that. Being a more summer piece in my eyes this is one of my favourites that Asos have to offer: Buy me 'ere!

Sailor Savvy: I decided to call this the Savvy Sailor blazer because it reminds be obviously a little of a sailor, however fear not it's perfect to wear on land too. In a beautiful blue colour you don't want to miss out on the gem: (It also features in a horizontal pattern too, watch out) Sailors be purchasing here!

My Favourite: A classy boyfriend blazer from Urban Outfitters and by gosh how lovely is it?! It sends off a relaxed vibe that could be worn as work attire or also for a smart day out.. Being totally worth £65, it's going to be worn more than once a blue moon... Please invest here

The spring blue: I call this the spring blue, even if springs being a little delayed at the second due to the awful weather here in the UK. This Blazer doesn't only look great but it's also shaped fantastically to show off those curves! Spring blue buy here?

Sheer elegance: This light pink blazer looks girly yet formal and where is the world without a touch of pink. It's a must buy, and buy it here!

Marmie Bell xx

P.s: Which would you invest in?